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This new solar paint creates endless energy from water vapour

Author: user July 10, 2017 In Latest Tech Comments (4)
Researchers at RMIT University in Melbourne(Australia) have developed an innovative solar paint that produces endless clean energy from water vapour. This revolutionary paint takes up moisture from the air and splits into oxygen and hydrogen. This hydrogen emitted is captured […]

“No more water crisis”-This water cube produces water from thin air using solar energy

Author: user June 16, 2017 In Latest news, Latest Tech Comments (0)
Today one in ten people lack access to safe drinking water . During summers, most of the cities face water crisis. Here is the solution. This water Cube, made of stainless steel can solve the water crisis.Know more about clean […]

Self-healing roads

Author: user May 16, 2017 In Latest Tech Comments (0)
Self-healing roads can heal itself i.e. cracks formed on roads can heal themselves. For both short and long distances, roads play a very important role in the transportation of passengers and goods. Compared to other modes of transportation roadways play […]

Flexible solar

Author: user March 29, 2017 In Latest Tech Comments (0)
Whenever we hear the word Solar, we imagine it to be big, complicated thing. This flexible solar glitter commercially known as Dragon scales developed by scientist Murat Okandan at Sandia National Laboratories changes our view. Portable, light weight, flexible, miniature, […]

Eco friendly urinals – Incredible Idea

Author: user February 8, 2017 In Latest Tech Comments (0)
Sustainable urinals known as Uttrottoit,designed by Faltazi company a combination of flower pots ,organic and eco-friendly materials are out on the streets and ready to be tested in Paris. Sustainable urinals installation: This urinal consists of flower pots with a […]

Solar Roads – The Future

Author: user February 2, 2017 In Latest Tech Comments (0)
Solar roads is a promising alternative because solar is being used everywhere, even in parking lots and water enclosures. So why not roads? Solar roadway construction company founded by Scott and Julie Brusaw of Sandpoint, Idaho in 2006 is into […]