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Planning to build your dream home in GFRG? You are at the right place.We are trained and certified by IITM for GFRG construction.

If you are looking for GFRG construction in Tamilnadu, you are at the correct place. We are certified building contractor in Tamilnadu.

GFRG is the short form for Glass fibre reinforced gypsum. GFRG is also called as Rapidwall. This is an Australian technology used since 1990’s for mass scale construction. They used it only as wall panels. During 2003 IIIT professors made extensive research on using GFRG as floor, roof, staircase, landing slabs etc and introduced GFRG in India. These panels are load bearing so this can be used without the help of beams or columns.

gfrg construction in Tamilnadu

GFRG panels have been approved as a green material by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCC) under Clean Development Mechanism (CDM).

This technology has also been approved by the World Bank as being eligible for ‘carbon credits’ under the Kyoto Protocol.

These panels are manufactured by government of India(FRBL) and the manufacturing unit is located in Kerala. GFRG panels are white in color and have a smooth finish. They can be whitewashed or painted without cement plastering the walls.

The dimension of a GFRG building panel is 12 x 3 x 0.127m. It is provided with 4 cavities for 1 meter of the panel. Every third cavity will be filled with concrete and steel and other cavities can be filled with fly ash and cement. Know more about the cost of GFRG panels in this page.

Wondering how much it would cost for building a house with GFRG,don’t worry we have made a detailed video on the cost of construction with GFRG.

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GFRG construction in Tamilnadu