Key Features

Light Weight

Water Resistant

Fire Resistant

Termite Resistant

Strong and durable

Space saving

Sound insulation

Eco friendly

GFRG 5-S Benefits

GFRG wall panels have a 5-S list of features and benefits that complements its superior qualities.


Cost: 20% cost saving only when you go for mass construction or multi-storied apartments

Time: 50 percentage time reduction.

Materials: 80 tons of cement saved,1500 cft of sand saved

Lifetime: 3 times longer life than conventional buildings(300% return on investment)


More carpet area: GFRG wall thickness is only 5-inch (whereas brick walls are 9 inch thick) providing more carpet area


Strength: 5X stronger than conventional buildings


Earthquake: GFRG as a load bearing wall acts as shear wall, capable of resisting lateral loads due to earthquake and wind

Fire: Highly resistant. (Can withstand upto 1000 degrees for 4 hours)

Weather: Can withstand adverse conditions.

Termite and water-resistant: Doesn’t permit the growth of bacteria and fungus.

Toxic emissions: Approved by BMPTC as Non-toxic ensuring that there is no damage to health.


Saves resources: Less cement, water and sand required.

Eco-friendly: Using tons of waste material(gypsum) for manufacturing GFRG wall panels.

Types of Application

Horizontal slabs, roofs

As compound wall

As partition wall

As light weight load bearing wall

Certifications and approvals for GFRG 


US Green Building Council (USGBC)

Approved by USGBC as building material.

Ministry Of Housing Development Government Of India

Has tested and identified this as the apt technology for large scale and mass housing.

Building Materials And Technology Promotion Council

Approved by Building Material and Technology Promotion Council under ministry of housing

Indian Institute Of Technology

Extensively tested and adapted by Indian Institute of Technology Chennai for all constructions parameters