Green Building

What is a green building?

Green building is a building that reduces the usage of renewable resources which in turn reduces the impact on our environment. Green buildings can be a major contribution in reducing impact on climate change & global warming. Green building concept can be achieved right from the design phase .

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Green building concepts

Projects built using Green Building technology

What is the need for Green Building?

Green building concepts to be followed

green building concepts
  • Designing of the building in a way where there is maximum sunlight flow, air flow etc to reduce the usage of electrical appliances.

  • During sunset there will be maximum heat & radiation in the west side, it can be reduced by adding service areas, balconies in that location.

  • Using energy efficient appliances such as LED lights, DC fans & air-conditioners.

  • Generating power using solar, wind turbines etc.

  • Recycling of grey & black water using efficient recycling methods where there is zero electricity usage.

  • Recycling of the bio-degradable solid waste using compost & converting them into manure for plants.

  • Growing organic food in terrace garden, vertical gardens etc.

  • Usage of low VOC paints & less toxic substances in the building.

  • Storage of rainwater & reusing them to reduce the impact on ground water levels.

Cityrene, as a green building consultant in Chennai follow efficient green building concepts to make homes green & sustainable.

Sustainable Water

`Cityrene replaces conventional septic tank with bio-septic tank in which there is zero maintenance and also your ground water gets recharged. Rain water harvesting is done in order to save rain water to recharge the ground water. Check about how you can save 5 lakh litres water per year in your house-Solution to water scarcity in Chennai here.

At Cityrene we provide our customers water from air device. This device can condense the humidity in the air converting it into safe and pure drinking water. We also provide our clients with a water filter for purifying tap water.

A 1000 sft. home built by us can save upto 5lakh litres water/year just by recycling the waste water and saving rain water. That’s more than a family can use per year!

For more info on waste water recycling check this blog

Bio-Septic tank
terrace gardening in Chennai

Sustainable Food

Nowdays the food industry is completely filled with chemicals and pesticides.We at Cityrene focus on sustainable living we encourage our customers to produce their own food which not only has numerous health benefits, this can save you tons of money in the long term.

We provide terrace gardening system in which you can grow their own fruits and vegetables for a sustainable living. Check out this blog to know more about the benefits of growing your own food.

Sustainable Power

Solar panels will be installed at the roof top providing power for the whole house. Tonnes of money can be saved with solar power.

Solar for residential projects