How to hire a building contractor a complete guide

How to hire a building contractor a complete guide

Building their home will be a great investment and dream of their life for most of the people. It is really important to choose the best building contractor for this work. Choosing the right, trustworthy professional contractor or builder for constructing your dream home is really important. You will be more likely to work for 6-12 months with him.

Your home is where you are going to spend most of your time, you don’t want poor quality construction details staring you daily. Price shouldn’t be the only factor you should be concerned about. Quality is much more important than the cost.

Role of a building contractor:

A building contractor is the one who is responsible for the whole construction process right from the design phase until key handover. If the client has his own architect building contractor will communicate between the architect and the labours and get the construction done within the budget planned.

  • A building contractor will order the materials and equipment check it and accept them before the construction work

  • He will coordinate with the design team, architects, labours and with the client right from the design phase till the project completion. The contractor will also update the client with day to day activities.

  • Civil contractor or building contractor will manage all the sub-contractors and make sure the work is done according to the building plan, codes and specifications.

  • He will make sure the project is completed within the budget mentioned in the agreement.

  • Few experienced building contracting companies have their inbuilt architects; they will work together right from the design phase. This actually helps in reducing the budget of the project. Even if the client has his architect the building contractor will coordinate with the client’s architect and do the construction work. Cityrene builders have their inbuilt well-experienced architects who can design according to the client’s requirements, based on the Vastu and provide best designs to the client.

When should you hire the building contractor?

You should reach out to the best building contractor during the design phase. Only a few well-experienced builders have their inbuilt architect team who can help you right from the design phase. This also helps you reduce the budget of the project. Negotiate the cost and rely on well experienced and professional builders for a quality construction rather than bidding the project to multiple building contractors.

How do I find good quality building contractor?

Always try to find a contractor who has an inbuilt architect team, which will reduce the time-consuming process of finding an architect and then again finding a building contractor and also this reduces the cost involved in the project.

There are two ways in which you can find building contractors.

Internet search:

The first way is to find the building contractors through the internet. You can identify the building contractors in your location and you can check their websites for their completed and ongoing projects. You can also read reviews about the builders on the internet. Websites like Just dial, google business, mouth shut provides users with reviews about the business.

You can also visit their old projects and check the quality of the construction. This will help you find the best quality builder in your location. You can also read their customer testimonials on their website or you can talk with their old client’s directly to check the credibility of the building contractor.

Check out Cityrene’s customer testimonial here(

Builder hired by your friends or relatives:

The second way is to look for the builders your friends or relatives hired and ask them about their opinion about the building contractor. Visit the builder’s other old projects yourself and check the quality of construction before finalizing.

What to look for?

Right builder doesn’t need to have a flashy organization. He must be professional, experienced, time, organization skills, communication skills, interest. Here are some few important points which will help you shortlist the building contractors:

  • Current project list details
  • Record of their old projects
  • Management skills (this will help with labour management)
  • Organization skills
  • Time management
  • Structured approach (This is the important thing that distinguishes them from other building contractors or local mason)
  • Any additional value they provide other than just homes. Do they build green or eco-friendly home or smart home? This is the most important thing which will add more value to your home.

Cityrene homes are not just concrete shells. We design every home to be self-sustaining and smart.

After research and all the reviews shortlist to three best building contractors in your location and then set up a meeting with each builder individually. During the meeting, you can ask about their achievements, their projects, add-ons they offer along with the building. It is also important to ask your doubts and clear them. Closely watch how well he explains it and how experienced he is. Ask them the structured approach they use for constructing your home and ask yourself if you can work with them?

Even the building contractor will have few questions like land area, location, your requirements in terms of the floor plan for designing the floor plan and a few more question. It’s advisable to answer these questions as honestly as possible and also be open. The more information you can give the builder, the more interest and advice from them.

Here are top questions you should ask the builder to know his credibility:

  1. Can you explain the whole process of construction right from the design?
  2. Are you willing to work with my architect?
  3. Do you have an inbuilt architect team? (if you haven’t designed the home yet)
  4. What are the charges for design and what is inclusive in this cost?
  5. Can you show me some of your sample designs done by your architect?
  6. Who will supervise my house construction?
  7. How often the senior engineer will supervise my house construction?
  8. How long does it take to complete the project?
  9. What is the approximate cost of construction and what is the specifications for this cost per sq.ft?
  10. What are the add-on’s you provide other than normal building construction?
  11. Do they take insurance for labour and workers safe during construction?

After the completion of the meeting, you can visit their previous projects and if possible you can talk with their old clients and ask them about the building contractor.

Once you have finalized the building contractor you then move on to the designing process and make sure you get the agreement signed before starting the work. Edit the agreement to meet your needs. Check if the specifications of the materials used are clearly mentioned and also the stages of payment. Don’t sign anything unless you are 100% clear.

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How to determine the credibility of a building contractor?

Building contractors in chennai

Visit their previous projects:

Visit the building contractor’s previous projects to know the quality of construction. You can also get to know about the standard of their work. You can visit multiple projects done by the building contractor if time is there.

Background check:

Do research about that individual house builder on the internet. Check out the building contractor’s customer reviews on google, just dial and a few more websites if there are any negative reviews or positive ones. Check out the percentage of negative reviews over positive ones and come up with a decision.


Check how transparent the civil contractor is during the first few meetings with them in terms of money. If they are not transparent enough they can’t be trusted.


Check out how many years they are doing building construction and how many projects they have completed so far. Do they have enough knowledge about construction? Check with the building contractor all this information before proceeding further.

Professional Implementation:

Check out the way they implement the project are they working professionally? Are they having a systematic approach for building construction?

A good building contractor will follow a systematic approach to building construction. First, the floor plan will be designed and then 3d drawings will be done(optional). Once the floor plan is completed soil testing must be done to see whether the soil is weak or strong, how many tons the soil can bear, what type of foundation should be used, all these data can be collected only from the soil testing report.

Once the soil testing is done, structural detailing should be done by a certified structural engineer. This detailing will contain what type of steel to be used, column size, beam size, foundation type and height all the structure related details will be given in this structural drawings.

Soil testing and structural detailing is an important step to keep the building long-lasting and with great quality. This is the very basic difference between a mason and a good building contractor. Only a few civil contractors use this approach for building construction. Find a contractor who gives importance to all these steps and construct a building.

 We at Cityrene, follow a specific systematic approach for building each project with great quality and long-lasting. We explain to our customer why do we do every step and we explain the importance of it.

What is the role of a building contractor?

Here are some of the duties and responsibilities of a building contractor:

  • Construction site progress monitoring.
  • Planning and designing the project right from the design phase
  • Supervising the labours and labour management
  • Coordinating with the client.
  • Safety precautions at the site
  • Reviewing, modifying and monitoring the day to day activities at the construction site
  • Providing day to day update to the client
  • Co-ordinating with other sub-contractors at site
  • Managing the whole team on site
  • Managing the construction materials
  • All the paper works related to construction

What are all the additional costs involved in a house construction apart from construction cost per sq.ft.?

Here are the few additional items which will be charged extra apart from the cost per sq.ft:

  1. Sump
  2. Septic tank
  3. Compound wall
  4. Interior works (cupboards, modular kitchen)
  5. Swimming pool
  6. Lift
  7. Designer elevation works
  8. Solar panels
  9. Electricity connection
  10. Borewell
  11. Soil testing
  12. Structural designing
  13. Floor plan design
  14. Furniture
  15. Lights and fans