GFRG house in chennai

Kovalam project:
This apartment is located in the entertainment corridor of Chennai-ECR near the beach. This is 3 storied apartment with five units constructed inside a gated community (RMY Residency) which has all the amenities like swimming pool, clubhouse, park and play area for kids.

We have given importance for passive cooling technique in this project.

We have used passive cooling sloped roof white tiles which reflects the sun from entering the top of the building.
Air vent provided in each room causes the hot air to be vented out naturally without any means of electricity.
Sloped sunshade-provided throughout the building to deflect sunrays.
To give the structure an aesthetic look we have provided colored glass near the staircase area, when sunrays falls on the glass, it gets reflected which gives a beautiful look for the building. We painted the whole building with Tuscan style textured paint for a unique look.

Location: Kovalam ECR

Category: Residential