Ayapakkam Project

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This project is built using modern architecture. The glass roof on the sit outs and natural stone elevation tiles makes it look more elegant. This is located in fast developing locality of Chennai(Ayapakkam). Check out this link to see GFRG panel erection: https://www.facebook.com/cityrene/videos/2083294505087944/

This is a smart & sustainable house. It recycles it's own waste water without the usage of electricity. It has smart home appliances. 

Video Door Bell: It's an artificial intelligence bell which records video only when there is a movement nearby. It records the images of those who ring the doorbell and sends it to smartphone. This is safety as well as convenient.

Smart Switches: Fans, lights & other appliances can be controlled with smartphone itself.

Technologies Used: GFRG, Smart Homes, Green Building

  Location: Ayapakkam, Chennai

  Category: Residential