Smart home FAQ's

Most frequent questions and answers

A smart home is one which can monitor your live usage of power, water and internet data, thus helping the user to reduce the additional usage.

It works with IOT (internet on things). Special relays will be fit into the switchboxes and connected with the electrical lines. It will help in controlling the electrical appliances through your mobile or voice.

Homes which recycles its own waste and generating its own energy contributing towards the reduction of pollution and making the world green. 

  • Generating its own energy by solar
  • Generating its own drinking water out of air
  • Using energy efficient appliances to reduce the power consumption
  • Recycling the grey-water and bio-degradable waste from kitchen

An average 2BHK home user spends around 15K for power, water and internet data. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a way to reduce these costs?